Venetian Blind

Venetian blind white

Venetian Blinds

Are fitted with quality components allowing for smooth operation and an extended life. There are different control options, blade sizes with a variety of colours and finishes.  Controlled with a cord for lift and either a cord or wand for tilting.

Plastic Venetians

Blade sizes are available in 50mm and 63mm depending on colour. they are coated with a UV fade resistant synthetic material, which come in a range of solid colours in smooth or embossed finish. These are the most popular Venetians and are considered the best for durability and price compared with real timber slats.

Aluminium Venetians

Venetians are both functional and stylish, aluminium blinds are suitable for all window areas including humid spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. They also make a stylish addition to a private or commercial office. Aluminium blinds feature a perspex wand tilter and lift cord. The addition of the magic wand combines the tilt and lift function in one easy to use mechanism. The aluminium venetians are a 25 mm wide blade. Colours and finishes including perforated, printed and gloss slats.