Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are custom made to fit each job, either for outdoors areas which we use exterior aluminium shutters or inside your home in front of the windows as a window furnishing, for interior use we use either timber, plastic, or aluminium materials.

Hardwood Timber, the traditional option, it strong and light but a little more costly than the others below.

Plastic Shutters are the most popular option now as they are water proof, fire retardant and termite proof.

Aluminium interior shutters are a new addition to our range being stronger and lighter than the plastic they can be made wider per individual panel size they are priced in between the timber and Plastic shutters.

Shutter Options

Colours. White is the most popular it's the easiest to match with most decor’s and will be easiest for resale. There are creams and light off-whites to choose from. Custom colour can be chosen, this does incur a surcharge.

Framing options, there are a variety of different moulded shapes. They are designed  to fit either inside the window reveal or outside the Architrave. L.Frame, Z.Frame or Face Fit Frames are the most popular. There are a couple of different pattens to choose in these types. The Z.Frame is the preferred and recommended option when it can be used.

Framing option

Shutter options

The size of the blades is generally kept the same through out the house. The standard and preferred size is the 89mm which has the tradition look of shutters. For smaller windows the 63mm blade is often picked with older Queensland homes with the casement windows which hinge outwards. In some shutter materials a 115mm blade is an option for very large openings.

Plantation Shutters are hinged in the frames so you can open them to get access to the windows, they can also be put on a track system for sliding or bi-folding shutters which are both ideal for sliding doors or a room divide.


Our shutter materials are chosen for their unique qualities and characteristics to match the different environments, for the interior or exterior. Our range of Timber ShuttersPVC Shutters, and Aluminium Shutters  meet these requirements. Whilst offering our customers different options for their requirements and budgets. Our shutters are imported from China using only the high quality manufactures. Our shutters meet all Australian standards.

Plastic Plantation shutters white hinged

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